The secrets of the arrest of the “QI card” manager, and one of the “corruption dinosaurs” connected with me.

In the document .. seizure of the movable and immovable funds of the director of the (qi card) company, his family and close to him

Mr. Bahaa Abdul Hussein, the director of the pioneering Key Card Company, has served millions of citizens and provided livelihood opportunities for thousands of Iraqi families. We are confident that the honest judiciary will prove the innocence of the company and its director.




The Secretary-General of the “Kafa” movement, the former deputy in the Iraqi parliament, Rahim Al-Darraji, said on Saturday the reason for the arrest of the director of the “K-Card” smart card company in Iraq, Bahaa Abdul-Hussein.

Al-Darraji said, “The director of the smart card company,” qi card “Bahaa Abdul-Hussein is paying the price of his arrest for not participating in one of the corruption dinosaurs in Iraq, with the knowledge of the authority.

He added, “What is regrettable is that some of the headings of combating financial and administrative corruption have become a double-edged sword and are used to settle scores by politicians and those with influence in the decision-making authority.”

Al-Darraji pointed out that “this reality also applies to the Accountability and Justice Commission, as many did not include its decisions due to political pressure, as well as the Integrity Commission that was harnessed and political pressure was exerted on its employees by some politicians for the same purpose.”


The Secretary-General of the “Kafa” movement concluded, “Today we have the same experience targeting others for the purpose of bargaining and blackmail. Therefore, we call on the Public Prosecution and the Integrity Commission to take their role to hold accountable those who exploit their presence in decision-making centers.”

A security force had arrested Baha Abdul-Hussein Abdul-Hadi, director of the Key Card Company, at Baghdad International Airport, according to what a security source informed.

Abd al-Hussein’s arrest came in the context of the detention of a number of high-ranking officials on the orders of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi, as part of the anti-corruption efforts.

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